How can I get into my phone without the code?


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Lock out program

Hello my ex boyfriend had one of my galaxy note edge phones he returned it when we split however he installed a lock out code on the for under the lookout app. I cant do anything with it amd he refuses to give me the code. Is there anyway to reset the entire phone?


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Dec 25, 2013
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Re: Lock out program

Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

Yes you can factory reset it when it's turned off with the external buttons.

Long pressing the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons together will get you to the Recovery Mode screen.

Scroll down to the Factory Data Reset option with the Volume buttons and select it with the Power button. You have to go through some further guided failsafe selections before it will factory reset.

If the device is under your own Google account, it might be worthwhile before resetting to send a Lock code from your Google account on a pc using Android Device Manager.
This may override the Lock code as it can do with a standard screen lock code, but with Lookout it's a very long shot.

If you do manage to get back in without resetting, go to Security - Device Administrators and uncheck Lookout permissions before uninstalling the Lookout app.

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