How can I make my Padfone S 4g LTE?


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How To Make It 4g LTE

I have Asus Padfone S. It says that can support 4g LTE. But when i try it, there can't use 4g LTE. How to fix it?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: How To Make It 4g LTE

First, exactly what do you mean by "can't use"?

Second, how do you know it's not using LTE? (Run LTE Discovery, don't depends on the icons in the notification bar.) (Another possibility is that it uses 4G when you're on Wifi, but not LTE. Don't ask me who made that decision, but some Android devices to that.)

Third, are you sure carrier has LTE in your area, and that the Padphone has 4G on the frequency your carrier uses?