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How can I optimise the performance of my S5?


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Hi all :) I have a Galaxy S5 with a 2 GB memory card. It's running verrrrry slowly. How can I fix this?

I believe I have cleaned out cache, images and apps I no longer use. I tend to have trusted apps and keep my phone to "professional" use only.

I'm not really sure why it takes so long to open apps, close them, call up the keyboard to type something etc. What is the best way to identify and clean:

- ghosted portions of apps I deleted long ago?
- processes in use?
- applications which start by default but I really don't want to use?



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Jun 10, 2014
Welcome to Android Central. :)

Could you bring yourself to do a Factory Reset? A perfectly ghastly business, I know, but it sounds like it may help in your case....the emphasis, of course, being on 'may'.
If so, we have a couple of Ambassador guides that would help....just say if you'd like links to them.

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Dec 25, 2013

You haven't said if you wiped the card.

Save any media to a pc or move to the phone, format the phone in Storage and try again.

Ghost app icons usually come from apps on the phone missing links to portions of the app moved to the sd card and then having the sd card removed or wiped. It may work similarly if you deleted apps from the phone but portions are still on the card, if I understand you, but I am not sure.

(when you select Move to SD Card in Applications Manager, only a portion, or chunks of the app are moved across depending on how the app was written, and links are also created on the card for the app on the device to find each portion).

A 2gb card will be a slower speed card by default, I would try another card.

Having said that I have a spare Motorola Moto G and that has a 2 gb card that saves occasional photos and videos fine.
It only cost me £1.50.