How can kill applications started running after switch to another User?


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I am using Moto G2 (Andriod 5.0.2), whenever i am switching to Another user & coming back to Main User(Owner), the battery usage report started showing battery consumption by another user & going inside the details, it is showing many google services, You tube & another applications started in the user, even i killed before switching back to main user, the applications are showing running & increasing battery consumption percentage & i tried to kill, its not killing & finally draining full battery after some time. The only way to kill the applications/services is restart the phone. Can you please fix this problem? Ideally, as i switched back to main user these applications automatically killed. Is there any way to fix this problem. Due to this problem i am facing difficulty to use user switch feature of Lollipop & restart option in Moto G2 is not there, switch-off & then Switch-on is really irritation.

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