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How did I NOT know that "OK Google" works with the screen off?!


New member
Aug 17, 2010
I am inordinately happy about this, but also annoyed that I didn't know about it earlier. It was in the Google Settings app rather than the phone's settings, so I missed it! This was the one feature I envied on the Moto X and I had it all this time!


New member
May 16, 2015
Must only be certain phones... I have an older moto phone and in my google settings I only have three things for ok google detection...

( 1)google app (2) any screen - works when the screen is on or the device is charging (3) personal results (when phone is locked).

I have all three on, but doesn't work with screen off (unless plugged in). Probably takes lots of battery to keep that mic on all the time anyway.