How did you automate your Android phone?


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Oct 30, 2011
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I have a couple of automations...

I use currently Aviate Launcher, so i get customized and location based screen for at Home, at Work, and outside.
Before this i used Tasker to automatically change the display screen of Nova Launcher. Depending on my location, if Bluetooth is connected, or the headset (indicating i'm at the gym).
For now i like Aviate better.

I also use Juice Defender Ultimate, for disabling data connection and schedule this when the display is off.

I use Tasker for my automated wifi connection. Again using the locations of Work and Home to allow wifi to be turned on when screen is turned on.
And wifi is turned off when not at the locations, or when screen is off. I made also an override function which leaves wifi on all the time.
The same kind of Tasker settings are used to have an Outdoor Mode, which change the levels of volumes.

Bluetooth is on when wifi is off. And off when wifi is on. With tasker also. I only use bluetooth in the car.

I have setup a warning when launching an app like youtube, and wifi has no connection, it tells me this. With Tasker.

Using Proximity Smart Cover, to turn on and off the display with the Galaxy Note 2 book cover.


How about you, what kind of automation do you have. What tools/apps do you use for this.


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Apr 23, 2011
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I use Tasker for now.

Have it set up to turn off ringer and turn on vibrate when I am at work and vice versa when I leave.

Have it turn the screen to full brightness when using Netflix.

At night, it turns off mobile data and wifi

When I open the roku apl, it turns on wifi

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Nov 21, 2011
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You really need to try Automated Device. Extremely easy to setup rules for varying situations. I set up 3 rules to set the screen brightness based on ambient lighting, no/low light, moderate light, and bright light. I also have rules for when connected to Bluetooth in the car, when I arrive home and if I'm not connected to car or home it makes sounds silent and speaker/ringer vibrate.

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