How do I fix my Google Authenticator?

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I got a new phone, (Moto X4) and am installing apps.
I installed Google authenticator and it isn't working right.
It wants me to add accounts, instead of bringing up the accounts I already have.
I think I put in the wrong email address or user name but it won't go backwards and let me redo it.
I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it several times, including restarting the phone while it's uninstalled.
I have tried clearing the cache including the Play store cache, (my phone doesn't have those apparently, at least not where all the directions say to find them.)
It is Android version 9, build version PPWS29.69-26-5, (whatever that means.)
I can't get into many of my other accounts now because I have two-factor authentication set up.
What do I do?
Thanks for your time and consideration.

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