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How do I get into the field test mode?


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Apr 27, 2010
I wanted to see what band my Note 5 was using. I have a friend I work with that was complaining about his data speeds where we work at. He has the new Iphone and is on T-mobile like me. He wanted to be on band 12, but is not. He can access the field test fairly easy. He called T-mobile and they put him through to talk to someone to verify his issue.

I'd like to call as well to help fuel the fire and bring the attention to this issue. I mean, I work really close to Philadelphia so I'd expect it to be there. Plus, last year I was getting GREAT up/down speeds, and now not so much. I'm talking 2mb down, where last year I was getting 20-30mb down.

I've looked around but I can't find the correct sequence to access the field test page. Any ideas?


Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
*#0011# will open the service menu, not sure if tmobile disabled it though.
Optionally you can use lte discovery or signal check pro which would also let you know which band