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How do I refresh multiple email accounts in KitKat?


AC Question

how to refresh multiple email accounts in kitkat?

I recently started using an Acer Liquid E700 which runs Android 4.4.2, but I'm having trouble with the functionality of the stock email app. The problem is that on the combined view, there I cannot find the option to refresh multiple email accounts at the same time, I can refresh each email account by going to it and dragging down the screen, but on the combined view this does not work. Previously I used a Samsung Galaxy S3, and had no such problem refreshing on the combined view screen on the stock app as it had an option to do so. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to refresh multiple email accounts from the combined view screen in android 4.4.2's stock app? if not, are there any good email apps out there that can do this?

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