How do I root an Alcatel A521L onetouch?


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I have Alcatel Onetouch A521L and I can't find a rooting method as well as any recoveries or compatible ROMs please help still learning


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Feb 27, 2018
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How to Debloat Alcatel A521L

Hi everyone, Mexirony here, first-time writer, long-time reader. Confirmed that the Alcatel A521L can be rooted temporarily with KingRoot as suggested above, but factory-locked fastboot is moldering the effort down to the ground every time you boot the system. No permanent root method developed as of today, so I decided to share a quick debloating table I wrote for the occasion to, at least, help somehow to alleviate the issue aiming the A521L to be as smooth and as efficient as if it was vividly rooted. Install Debloater here on your PC, then simply freeze services at your will following the table recommendations I enclose here down to prevent soft-bricking. Enjoy!


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