How do I send SMS to email address (including Reply To SMS *from* email)?


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Dec 13, 2014
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How to send SMS to email address (including "Reply To" SMS *from* email)

I just replaced my old Samsung flip phone with a Huawei Transcend Y530 on the Canadian President's Choice mobile pay as you go plan. Cheap phone, cheap plan, but all I need (got new phone to serve as mp3 player, and to read pdf/epub).

On the old phone, I could receive text SMS via email gateway from any email address, and I could reply to it, or even send SMS to any email address.

With the new phone, this does not work. Instead I get a text from #6245 ("Mail", heh) with the email address of the sender given on the first line of the text. I can extract that address manually, stick it (or any other) on the front of a message, and SMS to #6245 and the email will go out. But this is a gigantic pain of course, and doesn't save the thread of the correspondence.

The problem is clearly in the SMS program that comes with the phone, which I gather is stock android and is just called "Messaging". I have downloaded a number of other SMS programs but they all seem to work the same. I have searched in these forums but found nothing relevant.

Surely there is a program that handles SMS-email gateways correctly? The correct machinery is there: just have to send to #6245 the correctly format piece of text, and extract text correctly from the texts received from #6245.