How do I send text from my PC to and enclosed Android App through wi-fi/home network?


AC Question

Hey guys,
So I'm working on a new Escape Room in Holland. One of the features we would like to integrate is for the control room to send tips to the participants in the room. These participants will get an android tablet with something installed like Surelock so they can only acces one or two apps. On this tablet I would like to have an app installed that can only receive messages from the computer in the control room. You could think of it of something like Whatsapp, but over the intranet, and with only one possible contact.

Does anybody know if there is already an app or wizard for this to get this communication line going, with the tablet being just the receiving cliënt? And if not, how would you suggest to establish this? Any tutorial or keyword I can look up would already be of great help!

Is this enough detail for the question?

Liam Joy