How do I stop the beeping sound during a call session?


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how do I stop the beeping sound during call session

Sporadically during a call on my samsung galaxy note 4 device I hear a tone as if someone is pressing down one of the keys. I went into the settings under calls and call status and the minute minder box is not click. This does not happen on a minute basis it happens when the call is connected after about 45 seconds and then I hear that tone as if someone on the other end is pressing down the key throughout the entire conversation sometimes every 30 seconds sometimes every 2 minutes just depends on the call. So I have spent six months of going through every setting and every single website literally this is been my full time job trying to figure out how to stop that annoying high pitched tone which keeps interrupting my phone conversations. I've had 6 Samsung Galaxy phones in the last three and a half years and none of them have had any of the problems I'm having with this new device that I purchased in April from t-mobile and of course it took two months to get to my doorstep which was another problem because I had to go out and get another Apple phone hooked that one up and then this one showed up on my doorstep. So because there is no remedy in the settings I have been told that the phone calls are being recorded. I even spent 7 hours at the library on the Wi-Fi connection downloading all of the updates and that still has not solve the issue. Please email the answer to ArleneVHaas at because I probably won't be able to figure out how to FIND or sign back into this forum.


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Apr 17, 2012
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Re: how do I stop the beeping sound during call session

Go into settings > call settings > and turn off "Minute Beep".

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