How do I sync Calendars other than primary without Gsyncit?


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Nov 1, 2012
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Hot to Sync Calendars other than primary without Gsyncit

I have added my to my Android (5.1) phone using two methods:

(1) Add it as an Exchange Account

(2) Add it by installing the Microsoft Outlook App for Android

As far as I can tell, the Exchange Account method only syncs the primary calendar in my account. I have several other calendars that do not show up on the Android Calendar App.

As far as the Microsoft Outlook App for Android, I can view all my other calendars but the app creates an account that only has the option to sync contacts with Android so essentially it forces you to use the Microsoft Outlook app to access all your calendars.

Is there any solution to sync ALL your calendars with the native Android Calendar app aside from using the Outlook Gsyncit plug-in to have your PC sync calendars with Google Calendars. The problem with the latter is if your PC is off your calendars may not be up to date.

I did note that a while back, maybe over a year ago, the Outlook App for Android didn't have this issue. Appears Microsoft is purposely trying to limit Android functionality except when using their own app. It's free so I'm not sure what the strategic benefit to them is in doing so.

-- update --

It appears it's only the stock calendar app (Android 5.1) that doesn't show any of the other calendars in the calendar list. Both Pure Calendar Widget and aCalendar show all the calendars but they appear to not pull the data from any of the calendars in other than the primary calendar. Bizarre that you can see a list of them but not get the event data!
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