How do you guys like your 5X


Aug 19, 2016
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Hello all,

I'm super excited and thankful to Android Central. I currently own the honor 8 and med pad 3 tablet. I received an email from Android Central that I was chosen and won a honor 5X in this incentive program that ironically I had no knowledge about it even existing. Part of me winning the 5X actually twice is that I was a highly active contributor by either responding to threads regularly and starting new threads that had high post counts over in the honor 8 forum. I'm super thankful to have won. I ask about how you all like your 5X bc they have shipped mine and it should arrive in a few days. The biggest irony at play is that I'm honored to be honored!! Any tips or advice on the 5X would be greatly appreciated as I'm looking forward to receiving my gift from Android Central. I'll be posting in this forum a lot now since I'm about to become a 5X owner now to my utter surprise. Anyone else out there ever won anything from Android Central? I'm still in shock but extremely thankful to two people who contacted me with this honorable news, which I'll give the first names of both. James and Paul. Looking forward to contributing and reviewing the 5X in which I'll post about it here shortly. I'll be active in three major forums. Honor 8, Honor 5X and the Mediapad 3. All my devices are Honor products which I'm a huge personal fan of EMUI software interface. I'll be posting soon here almost daily in a few short days!


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Mar 15, 2014
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Congratulations on your new Honor 5x Dconn1975!

It's a really nice device and I'm sure you will love it. Receiving an E-mail from AndroidCentral is always a big treat. Especially since a prize could potentially save you $500, which is awesome. I personally love the screen and camera. They not cutting edge but defiantly take and show some lovely photos. :)


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Nov 9, 2013
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Congrats to the OP!

I bought one new last June (2016) for 185 usd.
It's an ok phone.
I did enjoy the size at 5.5 inches.
Sadly no OTG support and no NFC.
Camera is acceptable.
I had no real dislikes.
Mine went back in it's box after I got a better back up phone (Axon 7)

Thanx to the generous folks here at Mobile Nations and honor for the extra 5X!
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