How do you use SD card (expandable storage) as internal storage on Galaxy Tab 8.0 (2019)

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I've recently bought a Galaxy Tab 8 (2019) SM-T295 and after setting up the tablet and connecting to WIFI there was an OTA update from Samsung that notified me to download. Found out it was an upgrade to Android 10. Went ahead and downloaded it. After doing so, I went to venture and look at the settings for a way to use my SD card as the internal storage since mine came with 32GB. I have a brand new Samsung SD EVO card 128GB that I inserted and prompted me to format. It didn't ask if I want to use it as an internal storage. It seems like Android 10 OS took this feature out? I've been reading forums and researching for answers and I am finding same issue with other users of Android 10 not just on Galaxy Tab A but pretty much across the board with every manufacturers using Android 10.

Does anyone here knows how to get this resolved?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Samsung chose not to implement Adoptable Storage in any of its devices, probably because it's not a very reliable way of expanding internal storage. SD cards are inherently unreliable, so making them part of the device's internal storage increases the risk of system crashes and data loss if/when the card fails.

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