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Apr 6, 2012
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Hello I want to share with you my very long conversation with HTC support Europe.
Please excuse me for my bad English.

My first message:
Hello, my brand new HTC ONE break over 3 months ago. All this time I?m trying to exchange my HTC ONE but your Bulgarian distributor Vivacom refuse warranty exchange. I have all necessary documents from your official Bulgarian warranty service Most Computers, certifying that the phone is faulty and should be replaced by a new. Yet Vivacom refuse to replace it. Now I am faced with the need to pursue a court case against Vivacom to replace my phone. I am very disappointed by your warranty. HTC ONE is a great phone but in Bulgaria warranty is horrible. I will never buy another HTC product. Best Regards, Lyubomir

HTC support replay Nemanja :
Thank you for contacting HTC. Dear Mr. Lybomir, as you said yourself, HTC did everything it could and provided all the necessary papers. Now the issue you have is with Vivacom and there is little we can do regarding that. You need to clarify this issue with them. If you need any more assistance from HTC or there is something you think we should do please do inform us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any other inquiries, don?t hesitate to contact us again. For further details, please note that you can contact us via support line or via email following the below link: http: Thank you so much for using HTC products. Respect & Regards, HTC Technical Support Team HTC - Homepage

My second message:
Thank you very much four you great support!
Serious companies stand behind their products. The phone is made by you, and if a technical problem arise you have to take responsibility for addressing this problem. Instead, you simply sell your phones at extremely unfair bad traders like Vivacom and then you do not care. When any problem occurs only advice that you give me - you're on your own!
Thank you again!

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, we as a company don't have sale shops and we do not sell devices ourselves. The behavior and refusal of certain companies is not HTC responsibility as this will be considered as meddling in other company business. We have done everything from our side and we approved the replacement for your case. We did everything correctly and in order to satisfy the customer but unfortunately we cannot make other companies do their job. We are sorry for the inconvenience you are having.

My third message:
Dear Nemanja, it's looks that you do not understand me correctly. Every major brand that I have had to deal, either Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia have a very simple and effective method to deal with rogue traders as Vivacom. When you have insoluble dispute with merchants they offer you to send your phone directly to the headquarters when phone will be tested and if necessary replaced. Can you tell me why HTC does not offer this option? I want to send the phone back to you in Taiwan for warranty service! Thank you!

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, please contact customer protection agency in your country and ask them to intervene in your case. HTC has done everything in its power to help and now because of Vivacom we are looking unprofessional although there is no fault of ours and we approved you the new device. By contacting your customer protection agency you will save HTC and yourself from further complications and issues.

My fourth message:
Dear Nemanja,
I already contact my customer protection agency - a month ago. I have decision from them that is in my favor. In official document that was issued to me by Bulgarian customer protection agency is saying that my phone needs to be replaced immediately by Vivavcom - Домашен & мобилен телефон, високоскоростен интернет от VIVACOM. But Vivavcom refuse to comply with this decision. Bulgarian customer protection agency has no legal means to force Vivacom to comply with the decision.
So now I'm forced to start expensive and long lawsuit!
That is the situation!
Thank you

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lyubomir, I understand perfectly your reason for dissatisfaction and the predicament that you are in. I don't know why the Vivacom is behaving like this as you have all the necessary papers and proofs for device exchange. We would be more than happy to assist you but in your case we already did all that we could and there are no options left on our disposal at the moment. If you want we can try to send the device to our service centre again and check if it can be repaired. Otherwise, your only solution is to proceed with lawsuit against Vivacom. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that your issue will be resolved soon. Please keep us posted on your case and what is happening with it. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you all the best.

My fifth message:
Dear Nemanja, It's now perfectly clear for me that I can not count on any help from HTC. I want to inform you that I intend to to publish our entire conversation in internet. I do this in order to inform users of Android phones on the terms of the HTC warranty service and difficulties which may arise in front of them if they live in Bulgaria. Best Regards

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Thank you for contacting HTC. Dear Mr. Lybomir, we don't have any issues with you posting our conversation as we did everything we could but you simply cannot accept that there is limit to what HTC can do. Once again, HTC gave you the paper to take new phone and I even offered to try and repair it again. On the other side, VIvacom totally ignored you and your request. Accordingly, if you think this is HTC issue or you are not satisfied with our approval for new phone -please proceed with your intention. Contrary to your opinion and as I explained earlier, we cannot force Vivacom to do something as it is not part of HTC company and they are separate business. Their inability or unwillingness to help cannot and is not HTC fault!

My sixth message:
I don't understand you. What do you mean by this "... I even offered to try and repair it again.?" When the phone will be repaired? As far as I know safe repair for HTC ONE is not possible. You said also "HTC gave you the paper to take new phone"? Why does the phone have to be repaired and not just replaced? Also you did not answer my question why I can't send my phone directly to your headquarters or other service center in Europe where can be tested and, if necessary, be repaired or replaced? Thank you

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, by offer of repair I meant for you to send the device once again to double check if it can be repaired or no. When I said "HTC gave you the paper to take new phone" I meant that our Bulgarian HTC office gave you proof to go and take another phone from your retailer. If you wish, you can send the phone to our service centre and if it is faulty they will again give you the proof with which you need to contact your retailer for replacement. Once again, we have really tried to help you but there is little we can do now. I understand that you are now venting your anger on HTC (probably Vivacom will not answer your calls or e-mails) but this doesn't change the fact that we already did everything in our power. If you want, I can even call you and explain all of this to you in person just to understand that we are on the same page and that we understand each other what can be done and what can't.

My seventh message:
Dear Nemanja, can you just answer me to my main question : why I can't send my phone directly to HTC headquarters or other service center in Europe where can be tested and, if necessary, be repaired or replaced? I know that you have service center in Romania, that is closest to me. About your other suggestion, if your Bulgarian HTC office is Most Computers I already did that. When preparing my documents for lawsuit against Vivacom on 09.09.2013 I went to Most Computers when they give me exactly the same document that is proving that my phone is faulty and must be replayed. I think that something is wrong with you warrant policy in Bulgaria. I have prof that phone is faulty from your official HTC representative in Bulgaria Most Computers, but they do not give me new phone, instead send me to Vivacom. Why? Thank you

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, you are aware that HTC doesn't have any shop and is not selling phones by single unit. We are not the sellers and we provide local retailers with quantities of phones so the y can sell them. If they sell the phone and collect money from you for that same phone is it ok for HTC to replace it and pay from its own pocket while Vivacom keeps the money just because they refuse to deal with customer? If we re-send the phone to Romania or any other service centre they will again issue the paper for replacement and in the end you will again have to deal with Vivacom. Can we ask what is going on now between you and Vivacom? Do they call you or are they in contact via e-mail with you? Do they do anything regarding this case or is only HTC trying to explain and help you to conclude the issue? Mr. Lybomir, please understand that we did everything we could in your case. From our side we gave all we could and we provided the means for you to take new phone. I understand that you feel the need to complain and I understand that you are angry but that doesn't change the fact that there is nothing else we can do for you. Please try to close your pending issue with Vivacom as they are the one at fault in this matter.

My eighth message:
Dear Nemanja, Yes I understand that HTC doesn't have any shop . But now I'm very confused by your explanation. As far as I understand you sell phones to Most Computers, they sell phones to Vivacom and Vivacom sell phone to me. So if we trace the flow of money you get money from Most Computers they get money from Vivatel and of course Vivatel get money from me. And now comes the tricky question - who is responsible for warranty service? Vivacom don't have any repair services for that I'm sure so that mean that you or your official representative in Bulgaria. Most computers must repair or exchange my faulty phone. Right? If that is not true it's mean that you actually do not have warranty service in Bulgaria! According to Bulgarian and EU law you must provide every phone with 24 months warranty service! Most big companies care about they public image, but from what you say it appears that you simply sell your phones without a care for anything else. If that is the case I don't understand why someone will bye HTC phones instead of unknown Chines phones that is 100% copy of HTC phones but is much more cheaper ! Dear Nemanja, can you escalate my complaint to your superiors? Thank you

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, no, we don't sale phones to Most computers, they are only service centre. Regarding warranty, yes, there is warranty coverage and in your case service centre checked the device under warranty and determined that it cannot be repaired so they gave the paper to replace the phone. Dear Mr. Lybomir, again, we can continue this correspondence indefinitely but it will not change the fact that HTC did all it could and you need to take up your issue with Vivacom. Also, yes, I can ask my customer care manager to call you but as I said before, he will provide you with the same explanation and information I did. Can you please answer to my previous question regarding contact with Vivacom? Inform us what is going on now between you and Vivacom? Do they call you or are they in contact via e-mail with you? Do they do anything regarding this case or is only HTC trying to explain and help you to conclude the issue?

My ninth message:
Dear Nemanja, Answer to your questions: "Can we ask what is going on now between you and Vivacom? Do they call you or are they in contact via e-mail with you? Do they do anything regarding this case or is only HTC trying to explain and help you to conclude the issue? " In the past 3 months I try every possible way of contacting Vivatel. I write them maybe 15 e-mail, call they technical support numberses times and go in person to their shop/ office at lest 10 times. Result of all this my activity is 0. In the beginning they promised to replace my phone when they have HTC One silver in stock. But this was just another lie from them. Now they don't call me or contact me via e-mail and as far as I know they do absolutely nothing regarding my case! From now my contacts with Vivatel will be only through my lawyer. For some reason they really want lawsuit and will get one! Dear Nemanja please inform your customer care manager that I will file a complaint against HTC warranty service in European Commission - consumers protection through European Consumer Center - ECC-Net: travel advice and a buyers' guide for European consumers Thank you!

HTC support replay Nemanja:
Dear Mr. Lybomir, that was exactly the reason I asked about you and Vivacom. I presumed that Vivacom has ignored you completely and now you are expressing your dissatisfaction and anger at HTC as we are the only one answering and talking to you and we are the only one who actually did something (provided paper for exchange). Again, I understand this but it will in no way change the status of your case. I don't know how to try and explain that HTC did everything in your case and provided what it was available to it. I will make sure to send my customer care manager your information regarding complaint.

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