How get new AT&T nano sim


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Sep 2, 2011
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II would like to go back to the same store and make a point to the guy who refused to give me the sim but I don't want to act like a jerk.

You are not the jerk in this transaction. I don't work for AT&T, but I do work for a company that highly values customer service. This jerk is representing AT&T poorly, and AT&T deserves to know that they have an employee who is trying to profiteer off their customers.

If he really is collecting "service fees" and pocketing them - that's not only bad customer service, it's a crime.

Personally, I'd go back and ask for a SIM card without saying a word. If he tries to charge you a service fee, call 611 with him right there and explain that you have an AT&T employee in a corporate store who is trying to scam you by charging for a SIM, tell them what store you are in, give them his name, and ask a senior supervisor to contact the store manager directly and have them come out and give you your SIM card.

Chances are, he'll be out the door before you are.

EDIT: Sorry, got my refusal stories confused - if the rep simply thought they needed to have the phone present and activate it for some nonexistent "security" issue, that rep was wrong, but that's simple incompetence and a polite correction is all that is called for in this case. I thought this was a continuation of the "rep tried to charge me $35" discussion. My bad.

AT&T has a very simple web site for activating SIMs, at least they do for the Premier program I am on. I just get a SIM, then enter my account details, my IMEI, and my SIM# on the web site. 10-15 minutes later, it's up and running.
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Jan 25, 2011
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I just went to an AT&T corporate store to get a nano sim and they said that I had to have the phone and have it activated in the store. That this was a policy for security. I told them that I didn't have the phone yet and was told I could activate it over the phone. They said that was incorrect and would not give me a sim. So is this a new policy or was I BS'ed?

I got the same story from the closest corporate store near me. They refused to give me a SIM without the phone to activate on the spot, and told me it could no longer be activated online or over the phone. I walked out of the store, called 611, and the nice rep sent me a new nano SIM with no issues. Of course, when I received it, I was able to activate online with no problem.

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