How I boosted my VO2 Max fitness to 'excellent' on my Garmin watch.


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Jan 16, 2017
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Good article. It is really important to follow a balanced fitness progress.
And by doing so I was also trying to get Anaerobic, Aerobic, Low Aerobic in the ideal zone.

For Low Aerobic however, I would like to point out some details:
1. To get a workout registered in Low Aerobic, the best way is to have an at least 30 minute workout in Zone 2
2. I never got a Zone 1 exercise to be registered in Low Aerobic. It was just registered as too little to have any effect. Probably it needs to be way longer than 60 minutes to get any benefits from it.
3. As your Training Load indicator is increasing on your watch, I observed that most Zone 3 (three) exercises under 60 minutes will also be counted as low aerobic. And after a 2 weeks vacation, with my Training Load dropping considerably, Zone 3 became again High Aerobic.

For Anaerobic:
1. This is all about sprint-pause-sprint-pause. It can be any type of exercise.
2. HIIT exercises are especially good for Anaerobic improvement
3. Any type of activity can be made Anaerobic as long as you make your Heart Rate ramp up for a few minutes, then take a break and let it go down, then up again, down again, and so on. The important aspect is to let the heart rate go down to zone 3 in the breaks before starting another Zone 4 or 5 sprint. This will give you the maximum anaerobic benefit.

Disclaimer: All the above recommendations are based on my own observations with my own Garmin hardware on my own body. I may be totally wrong, or they may not apply to you at all.

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