How I easily sync'ed future events from PC's Thunderbird to A13's Google calendar.


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Aug 19, 2018
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I am a new owner of an A13 5G and have been spending quite a bit of time trying to set it up. One of my tasks was to sync my Thunderbird calendar (on my PC) with the Google app calendar. Well, I was able to sync them, but quickly found out that the only events that would sync, were those that were newly entered into either calendar. Future events that were already on my PC did not sync. I found two sites, involving export/import ( and,) that would have helped me. But, I found this approach was a little to complicated for me and I stumbled upon my own way of syncing future events from my PC calendar to the phone's calendar.

Before I reveal the approach, I have to warn you that it is only good if one doesn't have too many future events. Anyway, here's what I did: In the PC, copy the event, delete it, and then paste it back in to the same date from which it was copied. Doing this is like entering a new event and will sync as a future event to the phone's calendar. BTW, I'm new to all this and hope that I haven't re-invented the wheel.

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