How I found out a way to charge Nexus 10 faster


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Nov 18, 2012
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The relatively long USB cable that came with Nexus 10 (mine has shiny black plastic plugs) worked fine but using my other shorter cable that came with a Mifi device (ZTE MF90) allowed Nexus 10 to pull higher amp during charging thus able to charge faster. So if you have some cables around try them out until you found "the one".

Here's the number that back my claim:

With Android Tuner app, Battery manager tab, Battery flow field (tapping it everytime I want it to refresh). Put into airplane mode, brightness lowest, close all other apps, battery at about 50%.

  • Without cable (using battery): about -600 mA
  • With the long USB Cable that came with Nexus 10: around +650 mA
  • With the shorter USB Cable that came with my Mifi device: around +990 mA

Which means the shorter cable pulls 340 mA more (1590 mA vs 1250 mA). This is not using pogo plugs, just using the microUSB port, paired with the standard 10 watt Samsung charger that came with Nexus 10. When battery is almost full, the charging current considerably dropped which I presume to be for safety/battery health reason, so do test it when battery is less than half full.
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