How to Backup Game app progress data

Paul Daniel Arrozal

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Aug 19, 2018
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Hi.I'm Paul. Relative to the backingup of game progress data, I wish to ask advice with this matter.

To start, I changed my mobile device from LG G4 to Huawei Nova 2i.
I've used "Helium aka carbon" before when my LG G4 was still perfectly useable. However, today my LG G4 can only be used while directly charging it which means removing it from its charger, will automatically shut down the phone (the reason I changed my phone). Which also indicates that I no longer can use the app "helium," because it requires connection to a desktop before backing up.

I'm only trying to backup "4 pics 1 word" game app, which I played for almost 5 years now.

I hope you could help me with this one. By the way I tried rooting my lg g4 but it doesn't work. I'm really cursing this LG G4 phone for its existence along with its bootloop issues. By the way my lg g4, when not charged and just running via its battery only, bootloop issue shows.

Please, i really need help in backing up my game app.

Thank you in advance.

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