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How to disable the "Home Button Swipe"


AC Question

Hi, my device is a HTC Desire 610.

It has a feature that allows me to open Google (Google Now, or Google Search?..anyways, a google searchbar appears) when I hold down the Home button, a Google logo appears and then swipe up. Actually, I don't even have to hold the Home button down, just swiping up will immediately take me to the blank screen with a Google search bar...

Here's the case: I DONT want that to happen! When I want to search something, I'll click my browser app. I dont need google to pop up every time my finger makes a swiping move somewhere at the bottom of the screen.

I already turned off Google Now.. but the "Swipe Up And I'll Bring You To A Screen With A Search Bar" feature is just really annoying.

Is there any way to disable that?
Oct 2, 2015
My solution that doesn't require root access is to go into Settings then Apps. From there, disable Google Search (Google App). This will also disable the homescreen searchbar and Google Now features. Tbh, I never even use it. If I want to google something, I'll open chrome... Like any other normal person. Hope this helps mate.