[How to] Fix unknown baseband, Radio/modem replacement


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Oct 21, 2010
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Credit for this goes to trailblazer101 over at XDA developers Forum

So recently i decided to test some Odin packages i was experimenting with and as with any hack or modification there is a chance that something can go horribly wrong and it just so happened that it did. I somehow lost all signal to my phone and when i checked my baseband under settings>about phone it said UNKNOWN. I thought i was out of luck since no modem images are available for the Continuum as of now. Fortunatley there are people out there who are willing to think out of the box. trailblazer101 decided to flash the DL09 radio for the fascinate, AND IT WORKED!!!
Then i decided if that worked there was no reason EB01 modem wouldnt work, so i tried it and sure enough , IT WORKED!!! So now im back up and running.

So for whatever reason you lose your radio/modem on your phone download and use one of the following till an official one is released

Download DL09 from HERE
Download EB01 from HERE

Flash either one of those using Odin if you need directions they can be found here: http://forum.androidcentral.com/599598-post4.html

Thank you trailblazer101 for being exactly that a trailblazer :)


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Apr 26, 2011
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Here ismy suggestion. Hot up your respective forums. Anyone who has done a dump of your phone number ould have the modem file. As for a cwm version of it, that is simply a matter of update script. It wouldn't be too hard for a dev to package. You can try the modem on here, but I doubt it would work. For one thing, this modem is for a phone on Verizon. Neither the pic or sgs2 are Verizon phones. For that matter, most likely the sgs2 you have is on a gsm network, which is a totally different modem.

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