How to go about modifying a widget app ?


Dec 20, 2010
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Ok..i m aware that there are many threads and numerous posts explaining stuff like making your own app, editing an apk and so on but i hv this one app from market which shows information from a website. Its like how you have a quote for a day..its the same thing.
So this is app is a widget and it retreives the quote of the day from some website but the prob with this it it doesnt update the quote on itself..everytime i have to manually remove the widget and add it again for it to refresh the quote. there is a service which is running by the widget but it doesnt help at all...unless you don remove the widget and add it again to the homescreen it wont update...i have contacted the developer but he isnt i thaught about doing it myself.
basically i want to add a 'refresh' button onto the widget which will try sending the request to server and update the quote for the day.
I don want you guys to give me d coding or algorithm...i just want to know how do i go about accessing the code...i hv done programming in java but m new to android.
So firstly what should i the apk off so that i see all the files ? next what?
any specific file that i should be modifying...or some tinkering with the service file ?
i m a comp i just need steps on how to go abt modifying the all the codes and methods to do it i will manage on i just need to know how to tear the apk and get to the main coding part...

all replies will be whole heartedly appreciated.

FYI : i m on android 2.2 usin it on htc evo but for now i will only be doing the testing of the app on an emulator..and i have access to only .apk file of that appliaction...nothing else.

Thanks ! Cheers !


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Feb 1, 2011
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if you know java, or any other programming language, you'd know what once any kind of programming code is compiled into any type of executable form, you can't just go in and modify it. you can't edit the source code of the actual widget. otherwise everyone would be copying everyone else's codes for programs and widgets. the only thing in widgets you can change through .apk files are things likes images and icons, which are just images zipped into the file that the program calls upon.

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