How to Install samsung clock app on android smart watch

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I have a samsung galaxy s22 and a movado connect smartwatch. I want to have the alarm from the phone clock app ring/display on the smartwatch.

I am running the samsung clock app on the phone (instead of the google clock app which I have uninstalled). The Samsung clock app is not listed in the play store on my smartwatch (nor on the phone's native play store).

Is there a way to get that samsung app on the smartwatch?

I'd use the google clock app if I could but there does not seem to be a way to remove the samsung app from the phone. And if you run both apps on the phone, setting an alarm on the google version auto sets the alarm on the samsung one, so everytime the alarm goes off you have to turn it off twice. And if you set the alarm on the samsung version it won't display on the watch.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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