How to make whatsapp unread message led blinking indicator blink continuously until I read the messa


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Feb 27, 2013
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My phone is on the table, I received a new whatsapp message and I did not touch my phone (Samsung Note 8), the whatsapp indicator led light blinks for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds and stopped by itself. I usually put my phone on my desk and when I do not see any led indicator blinking, I will not pick up my phone as I assume is no unread messages. In this case the whatsapp indicator blinking period is too short so I do not know I have unread messages after 30 seconds have passed. (When I am doing work, I usually leave my phone on table untouched and take a glance at the led indicator to know if there is any new unread whatsapp.).

How can I lengthen the whatsapp unread message led blinking time to blink continuously if the message is still unread?


Update: Problem seems solved, I think the indicator disappeared because when screen is locked and I pressed the home button on note 8 and press the whatsapp icon and read the small popup of the whatsapp notification, the whatsapp blinking led indicator will disappear even if I did not read the whole whatsapp message. If I did not read any part of the message, the whatsapp blinking led indicator will blink forever.
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