How to print photos using Google Cloud Print?


Sep 9, 2015
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A relative with no home broadband just got a new HP wireless printer that works with Google Cloud print and she was able to get it set up and print from her Chromebook.
She uses her phone's hot spot for Internet access. So both the Chromebook and the HP printer connect to her Android phone to function. The printer doesn't have Bluetooth and I assume the HP 4520 also doesn't have NFC.
There is an HP app to print from the phone, but when she opens the app it prompts to connect to wifi and there is no wifi other than the phone's own hot spot.
We then tried Google Cloud Print and we were able to print from the Chrome browser on the phone, but when we opened the Photo's app, we don't see any printing option.
How can she print photos directly from a Nexus 6 using Google Cloud Print or some other method that doesn't require wifi network?