How to recover from complete wipe?

Calin Xz Filip

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Dec 14, 2014
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I tried to root HTC One M8 and installed super SU.
It worked,but when the update of htc came in, it didn't download the update.
So, I uninstalled Super SU. Ofc, bad move... Had to undergo some steps in order to completely remove it.
So, i wanted to reset my HTC. It went into a booting menu, and I thought I had to select what to delete ( wrong, it already deleted everything,all i needed was to reboot)... so, i deleted EVERYTHING on my HTC, now it's obviously not working anymore. What can I do to at least re-install an OS on it?
It was bought from the Emirates, it's an M8 Gold Edition. Not sure what version it is..
So, it's a completely wiped HTC, no OS. What do I do?
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Dec 4, 2012
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I am not very familiar with reflashing stock ROMs for HTC. If you search how to RUU your M8, that should get you started.

From an AOSP M8