How to root your Verizon Droid DNA

KP Taylor Csmg

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Jun 27, 2014
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I believe i have bricked my htc dna. Its stuck on a black htc screen with triangles in each corner. I cant access recovery are anything for that matter. This all started when i flashed a custom rom called "clockworkmod" which i flashed successfully. I noticed after i flashed it that there was 13gb of space being calculated in my "other" field when i went to see my storage info. I then researched and found out that the clockworkmod was some how duplicating the operating system and thats the reason why the "other" field was showing over 13gb. I then flashed another custom rom to attempt to fix this issue called "twrp" this flash also was successful but the issue wasnt fixed, so out of stupidity and lack of knowledge i then went into twrp and choose to wipe data not knowing that this would totally wipe my entire operating system. Now i was at a point were i couldnt do anything but load into bootloader( s-0ff and unlocked) and also recovery (twrp) so then i started digging in deeper and found out i could flash the factory rom via ruu (if i could find one for 4.4.2 kit kat) which i was unable to do for days. Then i finally found a factory rom for 4.4.2 kit kat but it didnt have the boot image. So when i flashed it i got the black htc screen and the status bar would fill all the way up and that was would never move off of that screen. So i found out that there wasnt a full factory rom available for the 4.4.2 kit kat with the boot image. So once again out of stupidity and lack of knowledge i thought i was using common sense by taking one of my multiple boot image zip files and dragging it into the zip file of the rom that didnt have the boot image( i thought that was logical) which i guess it wasnt because now i cant even get into bootloader or recovery and my cpu wont detect my phone i cant do any command prompts are anything. What can i do? Is this considered a "bricked phone"? Can anyone help me?

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