How to save enhanced photos to sdcard

Craig Botterill

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May 20, 2013
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When I installed a 64gb sdcard the camera app told me all future pictures and video (except for burst shots) would be stored on my sdcard (in the SDCARD/DCIM/Camera subfolder) which is great, because I want them on my sdcard rather than taking up device storage. However, when you edit a photo taken with the camera app it stores the enhanced photo in a folder called "Studio" which is on the device. I created a folder on the sdcard and called it "Studio", but I can't find a way to have enhanced photos stored there automatically, the way normal photos are. I can move each edited picture or video manually in File Manager, but that is a pain. Any suggestions?


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Sep 28, 2014
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Internal memory is also referred to as sd. The actual sd card is extSDcard.
The stock camera will save then onto the card but you have to pick it in settings. The editor will not nor can it save to the card. You will have to manually move the image by using My Files or other file manager.

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Feb 4, 2011
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I have the paid version of MacroDroid on my phone and your question made me wonder, can MD do that?

The answer is, yes it can.

You set up a trigger to start the macro, for my test, I chose "Swipe Top Right diagonally down to the left"

Then you choose an action: for this test I chose "File Operation"

then a whole slew of decisions is presented to you and you will need to know in ADVANCE the precise path-name where Studio resides.

and then you have to repeat the last series of questions as to where you want that folder copied to.

when you complete the macro, all you need do is after each Studio Session is closed out, just swipe across the screen from the top right to the bottom left.
Once you do that, MD will copy that path-name to the extSDcard path-name

Your chose of triggers is up to you, I just used the swipe as an example.... as I have Nova launcher installed, I would have to swipe UP, not down... because that will open the notification panel ..... :(

good luck.... MD is very powerful

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