How to Save Pictures in Texts


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Jan 11, 2010
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I just got an eris yesterday and would like to know how to get pictures i have received in a text message moved to my sd card. I searched the forums and didn't see any info on the topic. If this is already on the forum, please direct me to the info. Thanx.


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Mar 4, 2012
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Viewing and saving an attachment from a multimedia message:
If you are concerned about the size of your data downloads, check the multimedia message size first before you download it.
If there?s a media attachment such as a photo or video in a received message, tap it to view the content.
If the attachment is a contact (vCard), tap it to view the contact information, then tap Save to add to your contacts.
If the attachment is an appointment or event (vCalendar), tap it to choose the calendar where to save it, and then tap Import.
To save the attachment to your storage card, press and hold the multimedia message, and then choose to save the type of attachment from the options menu.
You will then find the pics in your gallery under ALL DOWNLOADS.


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Dec 24, 2011
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I don't see the option to copy. I press down on the pic and nothing happens. Menu won't come up while pressing down.

Press really, really hard!
No, just kidding. But that is a natural (albeit irrational) impulse when it doesn't work the first time, isn't it ? Kind of like pressing the elevator button repeatedly hoping it will arrive faster.

Or maybe it's just me .