How to set a delay for the outgoing calls?

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Is the any way to set a delay for the outgoing calls, so the phone start to make the call a few seconds later (like 5 sec)? Sometime I call for mistake a wrong number, and I wish to have more time to cancel the call before it starts ringing to the other side.
I know there is always already a small delay until it start ringing, but with the smartphones, if you make a wrong touch, it may take some time to restore/maximaze again the call window and cancel the call.
(My phone Motorola G5s android 7.1.1)


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Dec 6, 2011
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Unfortunately there is no such timer. Honestly the only thing I could think of that might help would be something like a "drunk mode" app. There are a few at the Play Store and they vary in ratings and abilities but you would likely have to have one enabled all of the time making it a pain on an everyday basis.

In the meantime;

Are these numbers that you call regularly? Do you have them saved as contacts? This is the only real sound advice I can offer because it should show a name vs a number making it clear whom you are attempting to dial.

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