HSPA+ Problem


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Feb 18, 2011
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I got the Inspire about a week ago and so far I love it. Does everything I want it too, but I've been having the following HSPA+ problem:

I noticed for the first few days that I was only getting 400kbps-500kbps, consistently. I would try multiple times a day, several times in a row to speakeasy.net, speedtests.net, etc.

So I called AT&T and they said "reboot it!" I did, and lo' and behold, it worked! I was then getting 2Mbps - 4Mbps consistently. But, then the next day came and back to 400-500kbps I went. I rebooted and fixed! This went on several days in a row. I get 400-500kbps consistently, then reboot, then 2-4Mbps consistently.

I called the local AT&T place I bought it from and they said it could be a memory issue, to try closing all apps first (that didn't work), or that it could be normal network jitter, which I do not think is the case given the consistency of what is happening.

Has anybody else had this problem?