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Dec 9, 2009
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just curious if anyone else notices that the HTC footprints app always turns on randomly in the background? I never use it, and dont really have a use for it, so its using resources.


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Nov 18, 2009
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Mine shows up when I turn the phone on after shutting it down, but not randomly. Personally, it will be the first app to go when Eris gets rooted...


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Sep 21, 2010
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Footprints is the most egregious piece of software on the the Android phones. It is tracking software. Presumably part of the Patriot Act so you can be tracked. Even if you shut GPS off on your phone, you can be tracked. A Sprint tech told me that.

Why do you possibly need a GPS coordinate, the exact physical longitude and latitude, down to 30 feet, to know where you took a picture from? I'm pretty good at remembering where I've taken pictures at.

The only answer they can offer at Sprint, HTC and Google is the feeble excuse, "well, it's a handy feature if you're a real estate agent."


I pointed out the infinitesimally diminutive number of real estate agents versus their entire customer base, plus the fact that real estate people are in the business of knowing the address of the house they're at. They don't need to be GPS'd while taking a picture, making a call, or sending email from a property. <sigh>

I had to file my 2nd complaint with both the FCC and the FTC today over my Evo 4G phone.

It seems the new Froyo 2.2 update, not only screws your phone up, but now restricts you from turning off the nefarious "Footprints" GPS tracking software, as well as Facebook data-mining software (already proven to be CIA linked). You can turn off GPS and it still doesn't matter.

I have to add, they do still have the button that "makes you think" you are turning off the offending apps, however, when you go back into the phone, they are automatically turned back on now.

They refuse to allow you to turn them off, or uninstall the apps. Now, ask yourself why.

You OWN your phone, just like you own your computer. You have the RIGHT to take off any apps that you do not like. Period.

So why won't Google allow people to take off Footprints?

It has been rumored that footprints logs more than just photo ops... any phone usage can be gleaned from the Footprints app... so I am told.

If it is truly an innocuous app, and not a tool for "big brother" then why not simply let us remove it if we want? That is a very simple request.

I called Google headquarters in Mountainview, CA and informed them of my filed complaints with the FCC and the FTC. They refused to let me speak with anyone regarding Footprints or the data-mining Facebook app. Is that seriously the kind of company you would like to do business with? They refused to speak to me regarding the issue. That clearly shows no care for the consumer whatsoever.

There is a class action lawsuit brewing against big bucks Google over this. They have clearly made a distinction over apps that can be deleted and apps that cannot be deleted.

Once again, they do not own my phone. I own it. You own yours. We have the right to delete any apps we choose, but Google has restricted that right from all of us.

I shouldn't have to go through the extremely cumbersome procedure of rooting my phone and possibly "bricking" it if I mess up, just to rid my phone of unwanted apps.

I turn Facebook off, yet it still gathers data. How can I be assured it does not still send that data out? I've been programming since 1983. If I turn the app off, that should clearly kill the data-mining feature. Simple as that and very easy to code it that way. No need to still collect data if the app is turned off.

I love my Evo 4G, except for this one huge flaw. The ACLU will also be a part of this action as it is clearly a violation of privacy rights.


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Jan 3, 2010
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So why won't Google allow people to take off Footprints?

This is not a Google issue - it is an HTC issue. They are the ones who put in Footprints, and make it so that it always runs.

Honestly, I think it's not as nefarious as you think; they are just trying to be helpful to people who want to use that app.

If you don't like it, you have 30 days from the time you buy your phone to return it. You could have returned it and purchased a phone that has no crapware. Caveat emptor.

(You could also root your phone and delete that app, as well as Peep, if you really wish to.)

Caitlyn McKenzie

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May 17, 2010
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Don't worry about it doogald/etc, NewsFocus is just running around the forums posting bogus tinfoil theories. He's either extremely paranoid and uninformed, or trolling.

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