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HTC One M8 In-Call Alarm/Notifications


New member
Sep 29, 2014
Could do with some help with my new phone. So a bit of backstory first. Me and my girlfriend (semi long distance) go to sleep on call at night. IPhone used to do this cool thing where if you set an alarm regardless if you were on call it would vibrate and play the alarm tone. HTC doesn't. It plays a beeping sound when on call and that isn't all too helpful since if my earbuds fall out I won't hear anything or it won't even vibrate. I was wondering if there was any work around to this. I believe the problem is notifications don't play their sounds with whilst on call. I've tried soundabout which works in that department but again no alarm sound OR vibration when on call. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this at all? Other than not being on call but that's not an option. Thanks!