Can I make ringtones and alarms use the phone call speaker?

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Jan 23, 2023
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I have a Motorola One Macro with a partially-broken speaker. (I recently had a screen replacement due to impact damage, but hadn't noticed the sound problem at the time) Ideally, I want to force it to play all sound through the working speaker channel.
In the sound settings dialog, the phone volume will play an audible sound when changed.
Ringtone, Alarm, and Media volume do not play sound. (Including when I use Find My Phone.)

If I use accessibility settings to change the speaker balance, setting it all the way to the right silences the phone volume too (and doesn't bring any of the others back); setting it all the way to the left still plays sound on the phone channel. Forcing mono mode doesn't seem to have any effect.

If I connect wired headphones to the phone, all sound mixers play the correct sample sounds when changed through both channels. Also, the mixer volumes jump back and forth between headphone and non-headphone values when I plug in or unplug the headphones, so I don't think it's a stuck headphone switch.

Bluetooth headphones also correctly play sound through both channels.

Edited to add:
If I change the volume on the media mixer while the phone mixer's sample sound is playing, I get a strangled chirp. The alarm and ringtone mixers don't do this.

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