HTC One V: How to Root/Install custom rom ?


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Mar 29, 2014
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Hi All,

Probably a milion times this has been said but I'm really a total noob. I just got a secondhand One V with following details:
SOftware 4.0.3 version
Kernel: 3.0.16-g133e482root@abm024#1 PREEMPT

I would like to install a clean / fast rom as now the phone is very slow but I dont know where to start. I know there are probably milion threads with the same issue but the more I read into it the more I get confused ( kernel, CWM, Bootloader etc). Can i please get a step by step that is really easy to follow and working? Is there a video tutorial perhaps? WHat custom rom do you recomend for this phone?

I know that I will probably get directed to the general forum and I really do apologize for posting such topic but any help will be appreciated.