I have decided that Nougat is very annoying


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Jan 22, 2011
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I have been living with Nougat for about 2 weeks now on my AT&T Note 5. After I received the Nougat update, I backed up my phone with Samsung's Smart Switch app, did a factory data reset and then restored my phone, which actually went pretty smoothly. So, here are some of the things that I find very annoying about Nougat (most of which are app related).

1) The stock theme on the Note 5 is glaring with the white backgrounds and such. The change can make it very hard to read some things on the screen such as notifications, etc. I changed to a dark theme which helps, but did not solve everything and it is also better on the battery life too. Still stuck with black on a white background for notifications.

2) About half of the time, OK Google no longer works, which I have set to activate from any screen. This is very frustrating. When I manually click on the Google Search bar and click on the microphone, it just sets there and does not recognize anything is being said. ARRGH. I get frustrated to the point of saying "OK f***ing Google!" which obviously does not help either.

3) I use Bluetooth hands free in my car and have the Bluetooth Phonebook app installed to help with that. Before the update and installing this app, people I called would randomly not hear me and after every call, the car would re-download contacts from my phone. Bluetooth Phonebook fixed these problems. After the Nougat update, I don't have silence, but now the re-syncing of contacts happen after every call, which is very annoying.

4) I use Mr. Number to identify unwanted callers and since the update to Nougat, Mr. Number only identifies who texted me, not very helpful. I even tried to make Mr. Number the default dialer, but that did not help. I have emailed the developer, but so far I have not heard back from them.

5) I use GSAM Battery Monitor Pro to monitor what is using my battery, I find it reports appear to be more accurate and helpful that the stock usage monitor. I have enabled it through ADB and it shows the details, but at some point those details will no longer show and I will have to re-enable the state through ADB again. This was not a problem before the Nougat upgrade.

6) Lastpass does not always auto-fill for the same website that it auto-filled a few minutes before. I have made sure that Lastpass is active and that does not make any difference.

I have even gone into the Battery Optimization for Apps and made sure that these apps were not being optimized for, that did not help either with any of these apps.

If you have any suggestions for fixing these problems or any alternative apps I would appreciate the comments.



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Dec 31, 2010
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I, too, have frustrations with Nougat. My screen is often unresponsive to finger touches - but responds well to S-Pen. I have also experienced the problem with S-Voice. I keep the performance mode set as high, but can't tell that it helps.

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