I was able to pair my S6 with a UE Megaboom speaker display model. Bought one and now it won't pair


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I have an issue with my Galaxy S6s bluetooth. I tried out an Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker in a store (display model) and had no issues whatsoever with the Bluetooth pairing. I decided to buy it, so they gave me a brand new packaged one.

Took it home and now it won't connect. It showed up under 'paired devices', alongside previously paired devices, but not under 'available devices'. It said 'could not connect' or something. I turned bluetooth on and off a few times. Did the same with the device. Tried pairing it with someone else's phone and it worked fine.

I thought maybe it was trying to pair with the store model so I unpaired it. That didn't work so I cleared the bluetooth data and cache. After I had no luck with that I performed a wipe cache partition. Still nothing. It won't show up at all.

What's going on? I'm pulling my hair out right now having spent all this money on something I can't use. Should I do a factory reset? Or is there anything else?

I would appreciate the help. I typed this up in a bit of a hurry so let me know if I missed any details. Thanks in advance.

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Sep 23, 2013
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Hi, I would suggest returning them to the store, maybe someone in the store could assist or give you a new pair? not worth a factory reset for this - especially if BT works on other devices.

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