I'd like to root, but I can't even get recognized.


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Nov 26, 2014
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I have more troubles than any man ever seen.

I’ve got a Samsung Tab 4 (SM-T231) running Android 4.4.2

I am in China, bought the device in China and is set up for the Chinese market. Essentially this means no Google.

I run a VPN all the time so I can access all the browser based stuff, no problemo. Trouble is, no play store app. Having no play store app is a huge pain in the *** - yes, I know I can find and download almost anything elsewhere, but I’d rather just make my life simple, and I like solving problems.

Turns out, I’ve been trying to solve my problem in reverse. First up I downloaded a play store app but it doesn’t work. Turns out that Chinese phones don’t even have the Google “frame”, whatever that means, but I have download a Chinese app which will install it for me.

Of course my Galaxy is not rooted, I soon discover and there are numerous ways of rooting it available online. I’ve been following - or trying to follow - advice here, but obviously can't post the link.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of Samsung Keis - 3.2.14113_3.

Unfortunately, when I connect my Galaxy to the USB, using the USB cable which came with it, nothing happens. I’ve been through all the trouble shooting advice in Keis, all to no avail.

Now I am stuck.


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Feb 12, 2012
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1) Check the date of the kernel in Settings/General/About device. If it's before June 3, 2014, use Towel Root to root it.

2) Go to amazon.com and install a free app - any free app. It'll set you up to install the Appstore app, which will allow you to install apps from the Amazon App Store - basically the same apps for the same price as the Play Store (and as safe). (I'm in the US, so no guarantees that this will work in China, but try. The Great Firewall of China may cause a problem, among other things.)

3) In Kies, in Tools, install the drivers. If you're running Windows 8.1, read Windows 8.1 - Install unsigned drivers first.