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I'm new to Android I need HELP with a lot of things, anyone?


AC Question

Im new to android I need HELP with a lot of things

I have a Note 4 International Factory unlocked Lollipop 5.0.1!
1) How can I change the volume from lock screen (I dont have any volume buttons on the window when i press on the power button for more than 3 sec)?
2) How com theres no notification when i have a new voicemail?
3)My email app (the regular one that comes with the preloaded apps not the gmail one) keeps telling me that sign-in failure


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Im new to android I need HELP with a lot of things

Welcome to Android Central. :)

I strongly recommend that you register with us so that you can start posting in the forum for your own device. Definitely worth doing! You may get answers to your questions here in this forum, but the Note 4 forum would be much more likely to draw a response from other users of that device.
Check this guide by B. Diddy about the Android world:

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