I'm transistioning my apps from Playstore to Amazon.


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Nov 9, 2011
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I'm still not a fan of the Fire OS's interface, but I much prefer the Amazon Appstore app on Android over Google Playstore and I'm looking to make most of my future apps purchases from Amazon. This isn't a shill post, but I just want to share my experience. Some of the reasons I prefer Amazon Appstore:

-I got so many good free apps from Amazon's daily free app. Playstore have free stuff, once a while, but no where as much.

-At first, I thought the concept of coins were stupid, but it's very useful if you have kids or a family Amazon account where more than one person have access. You don't need credit card info included in that account, but you can still "gift" it coins so the account can still purchase apps and online contents.

-Alphabetic list of purchased apps. This is a big deal for me. IMO, Google purposefully no longer list your purchased apps by alphabetic orders so it is harder to find them if you forget their name or if you bought them, and you ended up buying more apps as a result. This annoy me to no end, when I want to look through all the apps I bought and I have to scroll through a long list of 500+ apps in random order. I am aware there are third party apps that can sort Playstore apps, but they are can have bugs whenever Playstore updated and are not integrated.

-No "license only apps". What this mean is usually on Playstore when you download a free app, if you want to unlock the pro features you also have to download the license app, which is not an app in itself, but only serve the purchase of unlocking the pro features. I'm not a fan of this and it's clumsy design imo, sometimes it adds an unnecessary icon to your app drawer. It seems Amazon doesn't allow this and instead have them as in app purchases. I actually like the IAP implementation by Amazon, you can disable it all together, which is useful if you have kids or just hate IAPs. I'm actually not sure if Playstore have PIN code to quick purchases, I remember that option used to exist in the older Playstore versions but not anymore, but it's convenient to make Amazon purchases with a PIN.

-Amazon also have game sync features that keep scores and savegames. Though like Google's Play Games, the devs have a choice to not allow savegames to sync, which they tend to do. One excellent thing about Amazon's implementation though, you do not need to join Google+, this is why I still do not use Play Games, because I don't want a Google+ enabled for my personal email.

-And lastly, this might sound really stupid, but with Amazon account, you can access to your apps on both Android and Kindle devices.

There is a concern that you need to allow "Unknown sources" (aka sideloading) to install Amazon apps, but they are in fact scanned by Google's verify apps feature to prevent virus.

It is true that Playstore have much more apps, but now that I don't do rooting and modding anymore, most of the apps I require are available on Amazon. For now, almost all apps tied to my Playstore are Google apps, all of the rest except a few are all from Amazon.

Just my thoughts, I'd like to know how others feel about this.
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Jul 14, 2011
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I'm actually downloading a lot of apps lately from Amazon just for the free stuff! Hehe. And while I agree with some of your points (I didn't even realize Google didn't list your apps alphabetically anymore!) I do have a few of my own:
-Google Play does have apps that allow you to buy the pro version via IAP. Only apps that have been around for long keep the separate license method just because they're lazy to update hehe.
-This is becoming less of a problem, but it still happens. Some apps get updated first in Google Play, and some don't even update on Amazon. So you might be left a couple of versions behind if you go with Amazon.
-I don't mind about the Unknown sources thing.
-Sure, you don't need a Google+ account, but you need an Amazon one. Potato, patata.
-I wish there was a way to purchase apps from the device without needing to download them or being able to send them to another device. Many times I want a game for my tablet but the only thing at hand is my phone, so I have to go into a browser and log into Amazon to purchase the game (well, the free app of the day hehe).


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May 26, 2011
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Buying apps is only for the device you bought it on? I've never had more than one device at a time on the same account. If so that's totally lame.


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Feb 2, 2011
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If you buy an app on the Play Store you can download it to any compatible device linked to your Google account. Some in-app purchases don't transfer, though.


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Nov 21, 2012
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What is wrong with using both?

I mean, Amazon does have their "Free App of the Day" thing, which is cool. But they are kind of like the TJ Maxx of app stores. Devs update the Google Play stuff first, then maybe get around to updating Amazon.