imported Rogers Samsung i896 to the U.S

Sep 17, 2010
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i have ATT .i just bought a rogers Samsung i896 on Ebay ,unlocked it, thinking i can use the stock WiFi hotspot (like i was able to do with my unlocked T-mobile vibrant ,but it had bad signal because it only had 1900band ) because i have a HP touch pad ,wii and other phones that can't pick up the "a hoc" or whatever its called.

is there a rom that i can get that will unlock that feature?(something stock looking )

i can resell the phone to get another phone that can do it .

any ideas HELP HELP HELP



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Aug 6, 2010
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Pretty much every custom ROM will have wifi hotspot enabled. You can use any Captivate ROM on the Rogers version. It SHOULD have HUSPA enabled, so maybe it's just the network in your area.