In her case, there's a problem..


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Mar 29, 2014
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After dialing and bringing the phone to your ear, one expects the screen to shut off until it is brought down again, when it will come back on so you can press the hang up button.

His and her identical S4 Android 4.4.2 phones, and two identical cases.
His works fine in this regard but hers does not. With hers, if the screen goes off at all when brought up to the ear, it will not come one when brought back down.
It has become very annoying when the screen does not go off, and your face ends up opening things and navigating sounds are heard during the call even hanging up on the person or muting them at times. We have to pull the phone away from the ear to click the power button to manually turn it off.

The same phone works fine when it is not in its case. The same phone works fine when it is in HIS case. His phone does NOT work in her case.
We have determined that HER case seems to be the common denominator. Her and I love our matching cases and would prefer to find an easy way to fix to this rather than go shopping for two new identical cases.

What was tried to correct the problem...
Looking at both cases apart from the phones side by side on the table, I dont see anything different among their three pieces.
I have compared all the settings side by side and find nothing that could change this. I have pulled the battery.
I searched for "gyroscope calibration" and found our phones dont have that setting where others describe it would be.

Since I am not an Android expert, I cant be sure what exact version of the Samsung Galaxy I have nor the exact OS other than 4.4.2, and it is likely the least expensive model S4 they make AT This Time. If you need this information and can guide me on how to determine this information exactly, by all means do tell..

note: this image is a close representation of our cases but does not reflect the exact cases that we have.
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Mar 24, 2014
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Obviously her case, although it looks exactly the same, is de facto different.

Assuming both the phones and the cases are new I would return the cases to where I got them a.s.a.p., with both phones and cases present, to, if necessary, empirically prove my point on the spot.

If I were on the other side. If I had sold those cases to the customer I would never let it get that far. It's not worth it. Instead I would see an opportunity. An opportunity to make the best of a bad situation. And turn it around 180 degrees: no losers, only winners out of this li'l problem. How? By not being objectionable to the complaining customer in the first place of course. But by showing you understand their problem and then simply taking back those 2 cases, one of which is quite obviously faulty (keep 'm separate, but together! Mark the faulty one), and let the customer select another pair of matching cases in the price category directly up from their old cases and go home happy. No paperwork, nothing. Not more than 10 minutes.

The customer would go home happy with his, their, pretty new expensive matching cases while being amazed about how easy-going and quick problem-solving I, the sales guy, had been. Because that's rare. So they would tell their friends. And that's the best kind of 'advertising' you can get! All for the price of 2 minutes worth of paperwork.
Saves both parties a lot of unproductive time arguing too.

But if I were that case and reminded all day everyday of how I look by my mirror image being around I would freak out too. :cool:
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Feb 23, 2011
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I know there have been some instances where a case or screen protector will cover the proximity sensor and cause the issue you're describing. They will then modify it (like cutting an opening to prevent the sensor from being blocked) but the product may not be marketed any differently or with an updated name. It's possible something like that happened and you were (un?)lucky enough to get them in the middle of the switchover. The store probably didn't even know of the change at the time.

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