Incoming text problem


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Jan 28, 2010
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So i have a sprint hero. i get text messages from bank of america every now and then informing me of my account balance. but when i receive a text from someone who doesnt already have a thread in my phone, the message goes into the bank of america thread. this problem occurs with handcent and chomp, but not the stock messaging app. the rom doesnt make a difference either. it happened on the stock rom, and now im using modacos rom. same problem. any idea on what is happening? thanks


Oct 7, 2009
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Hey Jeff welcome to!!

There is a lot of information on this forum and a lot of stuff has previously been discussed. If you do a search when looking for information you may find the answer faster than the time it takes you to post a new question.

Here's a thread that i believe discusses your BoA problem