Install Power Saver Settings (ICS)!


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May 16, 2010
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For all of you that have the issue of e-mail and other notifications not coming in while the screen is off, I recommend you download this app!

With the insane battery life on this phone I haven't been plugging in overnight and the next morning when I wake my screen, a bunch of overnight Gmails always push through. This oddly doesn't happen during the daytime, or if I charge my phone overnight.

I heard about this app that gives HTC users access to ICS settings that they don't show, and the very first option (which was activated on mine) was letting android control your data connection while the screen is off! I'm pretty sure this fixes the issues!

You can see below, that overnight, my mobile network signal was grayed out and and power consumption pretty much flatlined overnight. Does anybody actually know what the varying colors mean?


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Aug 15, 2011
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the varying shades of green for mobile network is the strength of your connection, the more vibrant/bright green it is, the stronger the connection.

Battery consumption is lower when the signal is better as the phone isn' working as hard to maintain its signal.

Darth Mo

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May 17, 2010
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Some questions:

-Does it kick in at a certain %?
-Are those the default settings?
-Tapping on brightness settings does nothing. Does it work for you?

These settings are only for Power Saver Mode, not for regular operating mode for the device. So changing the settings won't do anything until power saving mode kicks in.

With the previous Evos you could activate Power Saver Mode manually, but I can't find it on the LTE. IIRC, it kicked in automatically at 15% battery on the previous Evos (though you could adjust that level I think). I haven't gotten that low yet with the LTE so I'm not sure when it turns on.