Installing app from pc, please help...


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Feb 11, 2011
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These forums have helped me a great deal so far.

It took a long time and much searching to figure out how to connect phone to pc. Now I am at the point where to phone is identified on the pc as 2 removable discs. One says please enter disc when I click it, the other lets me in.

But now I need help. One of the posts I took advice from was to reformat the internal sd card and remount it. Well, I did this, but it did not help.

Now that I am connected, I can go the the root sd folder, and there are a few folders in it. The app I am trying to install wants me to install it in a specific folder that does NOT exist. I used astro to look and the file structure, and ther are no folders there at all. I remember there used to be a bunch of folders there, like download, media, etc...

Now what do I do? Did I totally screw up the phone? Do I need to get these folders back? If so, how do I? I don't even know what they all were.

Can this folder structure be restored, or am I just looking in the wrong place?




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Oct 15, 2010
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If the application is telling you to drop it in /system/orwhatever a normal file manager is not allowed to see those locations. You need a program on your phone called ROOT EXPLORER to do that.

Are you stock, or are you running a custom ROM?

If you are stock, then ATT has specifically prevented you from doing what you are trying to do. It is called SIDE LOADING. You will want to read this thread below, as the nice guys here at AC wrote an application to bypass the ATT "cripple job",

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