Internal Memory Apps has been removed without Factory Reset..Help !!


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May 29, 2017
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In morning i had kept my Device (Device Details are below) in charging in switch-off mode.. After getting charged,, When i turned ON the Device it shows many Apps out of nowhere have been gone. All the Downloaded Apps from Playstore have been gone,, and yess Playstore itself has been gone.. Google Apps have been gone only Hangouts is there.. All my internal Apps, Music, Pictures, Videos have been gone..
And i have not Reset the Device.. The Device shows storage with my data, But none in File Manager.. The Apps which are moved to sd card apps (installed in sd card) only those apps data can be seen in File Manager in Phone Storage.. But SD Card Apps which are install but lost their data such as i have a Chat App which is installed on sd card it lost its all previous chats, when i opened all previous chats are gone none, the app have no chat history..

While in application Manager the list of all my apps are present but in corrupt format.. the storage shows its in use but no apps in the app drawer as i try to install the corrupt apps but due to lack of storage i can't get it done and the file manager doesn't shows any data from which i can't delete and free up some space and try to install.. so i'm all blacked out !!

I've checked the Device data whether it shows in pc but no old phone storage data shown it shows the new data,, i have checked in recovery mode too but there is no apply update for sd card only internal storage..

Device Name : Samsung Galaxy Note III (SM-N900)
Android Version : 4.4.2 (KitKat)
Root : Still i Have Not Rooted the Device

Any further Information Required.. Please Inform me,, And Help Me Sort out the Problem and Bring My Data and Apps Back..

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