Invisible obb (not access denied)


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Aug 6, 2023
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Hi folks. I know about the access denied android data/obb, I am past that. I have access and can copy/edit in these locations with a certain file manager. Now when I look in there I cannot even see the gtasa obb folder. Gta3 and vice city were recently installed also from playstore and they are visible but no gtasa. Diskusage says gtasa is installed to internal memory, but the obb for gtasa cannot be found anywhere. The android/data gtasa is there and an empty gtasa obb folder on sd card, but not in internal memory android/obb, where it should be
The problem is that I recently installed gta San andreas from the play store and have the camera spinning issue. So I need to temporarily rename the obb and install a different apk to fix the camera. I could probably download these files from elsewhere ;) but this problem may occur with any app from the playstore now? I prefer to install the legit files you know.
Where could the gta sa obb file possibly be?